About Tech Zity

About Tech Zity

Tech Zity is an infrastructure for success, however it is defined. It’s not only about locations because we are creating more than that. We provide infrastructure for each of our member’s personal success stories.
Tech Zity includes everything in this infrastructure – exceptional services, unusual and exclusive places to work, culture, community. We do all this to support our members achieve their goals.
Our biggest wish – to create the biggest ecosystem of people and companies, each successful in its own way. Because the success of Tech Zity is measured by the success of our community.

Currently, we have four locations – Tech Arts, Tech Park, Tech Loft in Vilnius, and Tech Spa in Druskininkai.
Soon we will open more locations in Lithuania:
• Tech Zity Klaipėda
• Tech Zity Vilnius
• Tech Loft extension in Vilnius


Opened in 2013

Tech Arts

It all started here – in 2013, we opened our first location, now called Tech Arts. A peaceful oasis for the art & creative community to connect and create together.
Opened in 2016

Tech Park

Together with Vilnius City Municipality, we have regenerated the existing park and the former military hospital to the biggest technology hub in the Baltics and Nordics for start-ups and ICT professionals.
Opened in 2020

Tech Loft

In the summer of 2020, Tech Loft opened its doors. The first start-up center in Vilnius New Town – a place for IT and other tech companies to develop technological innovation.
2020 Nov. 16

Tech Zity brand launch

Three locations (Tech Arts, Tech Park and Tech Loft) and their individual communities are joined into one Tech Zity community.
Opened in 2021

Tech Spa

Tech Spa, a place for your workations, is our recently opened location. Here, we strive to create a space where work and a zen-like calm life atmosphere ​could live together.
Will be opened in 2023

Tech Zity Klaipėda

At the beginning of 2023, in the former reconstructed brewery Švyturys, we will open our largest location in Lithuania – Tech Zity Klaipėda. Here we are building an innovative technology town for the start-up community and every citizen of Klaipėda.
Will be opened in 2023

Tech Loft Vol. 2

In 2023, we will finish the second stage of Tech Loft construction. There will be even more space, surrounded by urban vibes, for start-up community to grow and develop their ideas.
Will be opened in 2024

Tech Zity Vilnius

In 2024, we will open the largest technology center in Vilnius New Town, resurrected from the legendary Lithuanian clothing factory Lelija.

Our locations

Most of Tech Zity locations are repurposed from old buildings and brought to a new life as modern, efficient, and lively spaces.
Each place is created with community in mind and goes way beyond being just an ordinary work place. These are locations for community events, various initiatives, arts, and social projects.

Working together with architects, designers, municipalities, and local communities, we make sure that all Tech Zity locations are well integrated and truly a part of each neighborhood, not only visually but culturally as well. And we truly believe that we can make a difference and create a positive effect on each neighborhood, city, and community as a whole.

Our team

Darius Žakaitis
Tech Zity įkūrėjas ir vadovas
Sigita Uzdilaitė
Workspaces Project Manager
Larisa Pileckaja
Head of Finance & Accounting
Laimonas Miloševičius
Deputy Director for Real Estate Infrastructure
Karolis Petkus
Tech Spa Manager
Eimantas Budrys
Events Coordinator
Linas Ramanauskas
Project Development Manager
Vitalija Švenčionytė
Community & Project Coordinator
Jurgita Seriakovienė
Project Development Manager

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