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Agnė Kaminskaitė
Sales Manager
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About Tech Zity

We are reviving Lithuanian clothing factory Lelija to its second life and turning it into the largest technology hub in Europe.
The phrase “city within a city” perfectly captures the project’s vision and plans. Here, a variety of activities will overlap, enhancing one another and catering to the needs of a modern city dweller in terms of both work and life. The complex will breathe life 24/7, offering unique cultural and educational experiences.

5 reasons
for your team to be here:

• Infrastructure for Optimization
• Community and Events
• Historic Location
• Sustainability aspect, reuse of materials & unique local elements
• Human-centric Project

Infrastructure for Optimization
The infrastructure of Tech Zity Vilnius will give possibilities to optimize your dedicated work spaces. There will be many different food options on site. Community members will be able to organize their events in our conference center with an inner courtyard. There will also be spaces for living, sports, co-working as well as a children’s day center and more.

Community and Events
A unique ecosystem will form here, where technological, cultural and creative businesses will function harmoniously under one roof. A community of like-minded people is one of the project’s greatest benefits. We hope to attract 100 companies of all sizes working in related industries. A close-knit community of 5000 talents will spark the creation of new ideas. A wider network of connections and new businesses will be developed here. We will continually plan events to meet the diverse requirements of the community Also, a variety of educational initiatives will be gathered there to harvest future talent.

Historic Location
The first sewing factory building in the region dates back to 1940. Subsequently, the plant grew to become the largest, most automated sewing business in the country. Between 1970 and 1984, more sewing factory buildings were constructed on the land.

The “Lelija” factory’s territory was privately owned for many years, but it will soon be organically integrated into Naujamiestis. There will be no fences enclosing the area; instead, community yards, a city square, and a yard for events will be created. The Tech Zity community, city residents, and visitors will all have access to these areas.

The secondary use of the building complex will prevent over 5 thousand tons of CO2 emissions that would have been generated through demolition and new construction. Efforts will be made to preserve everything that remains authentic, including window shapes, their arrangement, columns inside the buildings.

The old factory windows will become the partitions of the co-working spaces, and the “Dvarčionių keramikos” tiles will be reborn as an exclusive decor element. These are just a few of the “reuse” visions. A team of well-known Lithuanian artists from the local community is being formed. They have the necessary experience and will be responsible for reusing and adapting the authentic elements of the sewing factory to the future activities of the technology campus. These details are filled with the authenticity of the last century, which cannot be replicated.

Human-centric Project
The selection of healthy food is one of the project’s most crucial components. We are paying special attention to gathering diverse healthy food providers. Various studies have revealed that a balanced diet can increase productivity by up to 45 percent.

Movement is yet another crucial component. Both the external landscape and the interior common areas of buildings are designed in a way that encourages employees to move around more. We want people to organize meetings outside while strolling or to use the light and cozy staircases more frequently. We also have plans to have a bike storage, build a sports facility, and designate areas for concentration and meditation.

The development of new green areas will receive a lot of attention, adding more nature to the industrial district of New Town at the same time.

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Agnė Kaminskaitė

Sales Manager