Tech Zity Vilnius

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Jūratė Pileckaitė
Head of Tech Zity Workspaces
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About Tech Zity

We are resurrecting the Lithuanian clothing factory Lelija to the second life and turning it into the largest technology hub in Vilnius New Town with offices, coworking space, lofts, conference venues, restaurants, shops, and courtyards for events, community gatherings, and every resident of Vilnius.
We strive to make the Vilnius New Town neighborhood an attractive town of innovation and technology for our community and every citizen or guest of Vilnius. In ​a few years, in the reconstructed clothing factory, we will open a fast-growing technology hub ​- Tech Zity Vilnius. Here we will create the infrastructure for your comfortable work, life, and spare time in Vilnius.
Tech Zity Vilnius will be a perfect and inspiring place for your active urban life.

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Jūratė Pileckaitė

Head of Tech Zity Workspaces