Tech Zity Stands Together with Ukraine

18th Mar, 2022

In the face of the brutal war in Ukraine, Tech Zity is offering help to the Ukrainian/Belarus startup ecosystems and our community members who are having employees relocate to Lithuania, or any other issues.


We can host teams or individuals in Druskininkai, Tech Spa, where we can provide accommodation (from beds with bedding to a fully equipped kitchen, etc.) and a place to work (a co-working space). We have 53 beds & 47 workstations there.

Contact: techspa@techzity.com

Working stations in Vilnius
Our co-workings can take a couple of decades of people & 2 event halls can be prepared (600 sq.m.) to set working stations.
Our buildings, which are still in process of reconstruction, can be used with limited capacity as well.

Contact: jurate@techzity.com

Finance & Legal
Moreover, we are ready to help with legal and financial support through our partners. So, if you know people who are leaving Ukraine and this information would be relevant to them – please let us know.

Contact: lina@techzity.com


Meet Katya and Iryna – talented women from Ukraine

Iryna came to Tech Arts from Kyiv. Iryna is currently working for a FinTech company, but is looking for an additional job and an apartment in Lithuania. So, if you have a job offer or a space to live, contact Iryna via her LinkedIn profile.

Artist Katya and her mother are currently staying in Druskininkai – Tech Spa. Katya came from Ukraine with her smaller drawings. She didn’t stop creating even when she came to Lithuania. Her wonderful works can be purchased here.


What else can we do to support?

Support, Donate, Volunteer, Communicate:

Recipient: Asociacija Vienaragiai LT
Bank account number: LT327044090102382487 SEB, AB
Company code: 305739959

Spread the news on your private and business accounts: It’s important to let the world know of these events as much as possible and fight the disinformation war too.

Share your story with us – how do you handle the situation, the problems you face, so we can share with others and encourage ACTING. Submit here. 

Want to contribute and have ideas on how you can help? Tech Zity friends, who are taking care of people from Ukraine, would gladly accept your help in various forms. If you have any ideas on how you can help, contact us by email info@techzity.com.