Tech Zity Radar #6: Cybersecurity for Startups

Data ir laikas
15:30 - 16:30
20th May, 2021 - 20th May, 2021

About the event

Tech Zity Radar: a series of online events about how startups can master their growth while doing it in a smart & effective way. The best practices shared from business to business.


This time on Tech Zity Radar is Cyber Security. We’ll host Domantas Čiuldė – CEO and co-founder of iDenfy. Domantas will briefly cover the 5 most important things about how to stay safe from cyber-attacks and data breaches:

  • Importance of cybersecurity
  • Define risks at your company
  • Manage risks
  • What controls should be applied?
  • Best practices and techniques


  • Keynote I Importance of cybersecurity.
  • What are the best practices and techniques for cybersecurity at a startup company? by Domantas.
  • Q&A
  • After the event, we will invite you all to Community Discord to discuss the topic further. (Registration necessary)


👋  Domantas is CEO and co-founder of iDenfy. His mission is to build a safer and more trustworthy online environment. He has invested more than ten years of his life in the fraud prevention industry to bring it in line with his mission. He runs the iDenfy startup to provide simple and easy customizable identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, which would be easily accessible by every organization in the world.


👋   Romualdas Įsoda – Serial founder & Product owner.