Tech Zity Radar #5 with Deepa Daniels

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15:30 - 16:30
13th May, 2021

About the event

Tech Zity Radar: a series of online events about how startups can master their growth while doing it in a smart & effective way. The best practices shared from business to business.


This time on Tech Zity Radar is Product Development. We’ll host Deepa Daniels – an inspiring technology product leader, coach, and speaker.

Deepa will briefly cover product management practices and tools to transform feature request conversations into a better understanding of customers’ problems, jobs, and needs:

  • How do you frame problems?
  • Jobs to be done | theory
  • Functional and emotional jobs to be done
  • Why use Jobs to be done?


  • Keynote | Jobs to Be Done: changing feature request conversation by understanding customer problems and needs.
  • Q&A
  • After the event, we will invite you all to Community Discord to discuss the topic further. (Registration necessary)


👋  Deepa Daniels is half Canadian/Malaysian but was born and grew up in India, which shaped her into a champion of inclusion, cross-cultural collaboration, and empathy. In her work life, Deepa inspires and leads diverse teams to build valuable and innovative products customers love.

As a technology product leader, she grasps and shapes market opportunities and jobs to be done, and guides product managers and teams as they understand problems, ideate, validate, implement and iterate on solutions.


👋  Romualdas Įsoda – Serial founder & Product owner.