May Weekends
at Tech Spa

Date & time
00:00 - 00:00
06th May, 2022 - 29th May, 2022
Tech Spa | V. Kudirkos str. 33, Druskininkai

About activities

We invite you to spend warm and sunny spring weekends in the Druskininkai resort! Throughout May, we organize activities at Tech Spa for productive work, relaxation, and a good time with us. ✨

6-8 May | Relaxing Community & Nature Weekend

6 May
▪ Arrival and work in the Tech Spa co-working space until 3 p.m.
▪ From 3 p.m. hike + dinner in town

7 May
▪ 9-11 a.m. morning walks/Dineika Wellness Park (massages also available)
▪ 11 a.m. healthy brunch
▪ Free time in Druskininkai (we will recommend entertainment for groups and individuals)

8 May
▪ 10 a.m. breakfast
▪ Check-out until 11 a.m.

13-15 May | Well-being weekend with Remigijus Savickas

13 May
▪ Arrival and work in the Tech Spa co-working space until 6 p.m.
▪ 7 p.m. dinner and acquaintance with other guests
▪ After dinner we will spend time in the lounge space (board games, table football, movies)

14 May
▪ 8-9:30 a.m. yoga
▪ 11 a.m. healthy brunch
▪ 1-4 p.m. afternoon with Remigijus Savickas “FLOW State – The Fastest Way to Personal Wellbeing” (for free)

You will learn:
▪ The neuroscience of the Flow State – when you feel and act best;
▪ 12 personal Flow Triggers. The most common causes of frustration;
▪ Flow State 4-stage cycle, how and why brain waves change;
▪ 7 turbo habits to create a day in Flow rhythm for well-being, personal productivity, and prosperity;
▪ 9 ways to take a mini-vacation every week.

After the session, active recovery activities are planned: cryosauna, health circle, salt room, sleep spa, etc. We will reconcile your needs after your registration.

15 May
▪ 10 a.m. healthy breakfast
▪ 11 a.m. check-out

27-29 May | Tech Spa Terrace Opening x Resort Festival Weekend

Come to work in the Tech Spa co-working space on Friday and join the opening of the Tech Spa outdoor terrace! We will open the terrace with good music – we will announce the artist soon!

Throughout the weekend, Druskininkai will be in a party mood – check it out.

Did you choose when you would like to come to Druskininkai? 👇

1. Book a double room or a bed in a hostel-type room in the Tech Spa co-living space.
2. Mark your participation here and we will contact you.

Breakfast price – 5 Eur/person, dinner price – 20-30 Eur (depending on the number of people). We will also offer guests additional wellness services.

Have questions? Contact techspa@techzity.com.

The Tech Zity community has special prices for accommodation in the Pingin app – contact your community manager or office coordinator.


Tech Spa | V. Kudirkos str. 33, Druskininkai