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Tech Zity – the community for the innovators creating their own success stories.

Our success is measured by the success of Tech Zity community. We strive to create infrastructure through locations that attracts start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs so they could work, live, share ideas, co-create together and build their own success stories.

Currently we have three locations – Tech Park, Tech Loft and Tech Arts. We are opening Tech Spa in 2021 Q1.

Building Tech Zity one location at a time.


Pakrante (formerly known as Rupert)

A space for art & creative industries to grow and collide. Further away from the city surrounded by Valakampiai forest and Neris river, Pakrante is a peaceful oasis for your ideas. Here you’ll find a spacious gallery and event space, meeting room, co-working and studios.


Tech Park

In 2015, when the hospital, which was located in Sapiegos park, was transferred to new premises, private investors partnered with Vilnius City Municipality to regenerate the existing park and its buildings into a bold new vision: Vilnius Tech Park.


Tech Loft

In the summer 2020 Tech Loft, opened its doors. The first start-up center in the Newtown area, this unique architectural concept in the renovated 2200 sq. m building in Algirdas street is a place for IT and other companies developing technological innovation, as well as an open co-working space for those who need flexible and modern workspace.

Tech Zity

Tech Zity is born – Three locations (Tech Arts, Tech Park and Tech Loft) and their individual communities are joined into one Tech Zity community.


Tech Spa

We are creating Tech Spa with an idea of a location where work and zen-like calm could live together. With peaceful co-living spaces, functional co-working and cosy common areas – we see it as a place where our community members could meet, exchange ideas and grow together.

Most of Tech Zity locations are repurposed from old buildings and brought to a new life as modern, efficient and lively spaces. Each place is created with community in mind and goes way beyond being just an ordinary work place. These are locations for community events, various initiatives, arts and social projects.

Working together with architects, designers, municipalities and local communities, we make sure that all Tech Zity locations are well integrated and truly a part of each neighbourhood not only visually but culturally as well. And we truly believe that we can make a difference and create a positive effect on each neighborhood, city and community as a whole.

Tech Zity Team

Meet people who are building Tech Zity every single day, improving it to make it better so you could strive here and build your own success story.

Darius Žakaitis


Jūratė Pileckaitė

Head of Tech Zity Workspaces

Lina Dabašinskaitė

Community & Events Lead

Rūta Pozerskaitė

Coworking & Partnership Lead l Community Manager at Tech Park

Sigita Uzdilaitė

Community & Project Coordinator at Tech Loft

Inga Vysockaitė

Community & Project Coordinator at Tech Arts

Guoda Stašaitytė

Marketing guru

Simona Miežukaitė

Tech Park Administrator

Laimonas Miloševičius

Problem Solver

Laura Stonkutė

Projects guru

Justina Maliukevičiūtė

Community manager at Tech Spa

Larisa Pileckaja


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